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Quality requirements for rubber blanket

In the process of offset printing, the function of rubber cloth is to transfer the images and texts on the printing plate completely and clearly to the substrate paper. In order to achieve perfect image and text transfer, it is necessary to require the rubber cloth to have the following characteristics:

The thickness of the rubber blanket should be uniform

A uniform thickness will result in a uniform distribution of printing pressure, and the ink color will be evenly distributed. Additionally, during the process of image and text transfer, the size of the image and text is not easily changed.

Has good elasticity

Ordinary solid rubber cloth has good elasticity. The effect of image and text transfer and ink absorption performance may also be good. During the embossing process of ordinary solid rubber cloth, the surface rubber layer often produces a convex hull at the leading edge of the embossing line. According to the principle of embossing, it is speculated that the volume of hard rubber cloth will not shrink under pressure, so it can only be squeezed towards both sides of the embossing line. However, choosing to use air cushion rubber cloth will not cause bulge problems at the leading edge of the embossing line.

Rubber blanket has a smaller elongation

The rubber cloth has a dense structure and high mechanical strength, which is conducive to increasing the tensile strength and reducing the deformation caused by image and text transfer.

Good ink absorption and transmission performance

It can ensure that the ink color is uniform and the handwriting is clear during the printing process.

Rubber cloth has good oil resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, and anti-aging properties, which can extend its service life.

In addition, it also has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion prevention. The quality of rubber blanket is directly related to the quality of image and text transfer printing. Although there are many factors that affect the quality of graphics and text, such as machinery, plate making, materials, and mastery of technology, the quality of rubber cloth is one of the important factors. Due to the penetration of gasoline, kerosene, and engine oil during the printing process, rubber cloth is subjected to pressure and relative friction between the drum and the drum. Periodic stretching, squeezing deformation, rubber cloth will become sticky and deformed due to sulfur loss, and lack good elasticity, thereby affecting the quality of transfer printing. In this case, the old rubber cloth must be replaced.