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Sanding Rubber Product Ltd

Professional production of offset rubber blanket, iron rubber blanket, banknote rubber blanket, and various types of printing rubber pads

Our Booth No at Durpa 2024 is Hall 3/F30, welcome everybody to our stand !

  • 27 2023-10

    Rubber blanket is used in the printing industry for image transfer

    Rubber blanket can be divided into the following categories: full air cushion rubber blanket, air cushion rubber blanket, three in one rubber blanket, general air cushion rubber blanket, traditional rubber blanket, UV specific rubber blanket, partially polished rubber blanket, metal printed 2PSC rubber blanket, friction resistant rubber blanket, paper cup specific rubber blanket, UV self-adhesive rubber blanket, Dunlop report machine self-adhesive rubber blanket, and various aluminum strip rubber blanket.

  • 26 2023-10

    2023 Shanghai All India Exhibition

    Sanding Printing Rubber Products Co., Ltd. will participate in the quadrennial full printing exhibition in Shanghai from November 1 to November 4, 2023, booth number N4A134. At that time, Sanding Company will continue to exhibit its main products: plain rubber cloth and UV rubber cloth.

  • 25 2023-10

    Common problems and solutions during the use of rubber blanket

    The importance of rubber cloth as a transfer carrier in printing is self-evident. And in our daily use, we inevitably encounter various problems.

  • 25 2023-10

    Quality requirements for rubber blanket

    In the process of offset printing, the function of rubber cloth is to transfer the images and texts on the printing plate completely and clearly to the substrate paper. In order to achieve perfect image and text transfer, it is necessary to require the rubber cloth to have the following characteristics:

  • 25 2023-10

    Precautions during the use of rubber blanket

    Check the flatness of its surface. The method of inspection is to fill the plate, but the printing pressure should be lower than the normal pressure. Only in this way can the surface unevenness be exposed. If the pressure is too high and the ground is thick, it is difficult to see the difference.

  • 25 2023-10

    The advantages of rubber blanket

    The advantages of air cushion rubber cloth: 1. The linear speed coordination between the printing plate and the rubber drum is better; 2. High degree of network restoration; 3. Reduce the deformation of the substrate caused by it;

  • 25 2023-10

    What are the classifications of rubber blanket?

    Suitable for high-speed rotation, newspaper printing machines, and high-speed leaf tensioning machines. The best resilience for recovery. Best resistance to expansion and contraction, with a long lifespan. The surface is finely ground, which compensates for poor quality paper and improves printing quality.