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What are the classifications of rubber blanket?

1. Full air cushion rubber cloth

Suitable for high-speed rotation, newspaper printing machines, and high-speed leaf tensioning machines. The best resilience for recovery. Best resistance to expansion and contraction, with a long lifespan. The surface is finely ground, which compensates for poor quality paper and improves printing quality.

2. Air cushion rubber cloth

For both full version and branch performance. The surface is a mixture layer that is easy to clean, long-term use, and less prone to leaving marks on the surface.

3. Three in one rubber blanket

The lamination layer is integrally formed, which can withstand the strongest resistance in India; The middle air cushion layer is different from the general rubber cloth that is laminated layer by layer, which is prone to bubbles and causes the product to lose thickness due to printing pressure; There is no need to increase the frequency of replacing the backing paper. The bottom is waterproof and solvent resistant, and will not become uneven due to water absorption, resulting in uneven pressure. The rubber cloth surface is specially treated with charcoal, which is resistant to both large and small plates, and will never produce paper marks due to long printing volume.

4. Ordinary air cushion rubber cloth

Most suitable for non coated paper printing and paperboard printing. The surface grinding particle size ranges from 6u to 8u, which is most suitable for printing on locally poor paper.

5. Traditional rubber blanket

Economical and practical rubber cloth for commercial printing. The surface has good oil resistance, so even if cleaned with solvents such as regular gasoline for a long time, it is not easy to cause glaze gloss and adhesive rubber cloth.

6. UV specific rubber cloth

Adding UV resistant resin components to the rubber blanket mixture can resist UV rays and prevent rubber from powdering. Fast response time, without paper cutting marks caused by large and small plate printing.

7. Localized glossy rubber cloth

Special laminating layer, used for local cutting purposes. At the junction of the cutting layer and the non cutting layer, the hardness is resistant to cutting, the load-bearing capacity is uniform, and the polishing effect is improved. After cutting, tear open without burrs and polish smoothly.

8. Metal printed 2PSC rubber cloth

Rubber blanket specifically developed for two-piece metal printing. Using pre coated self-adhesive adhesive. The gel is uniform without bubbles. Make the printing pressure more even.

9. Friction resistant rubber cloth

The surface rubber mixture contains high hardness carbon molecules, greatly improving friction resistance. Suitable for printing materials on concave convex surfaces. The rubber surface is not easy to wear and prolong its use time.

10. Rubber blanket for paper cups

No bottom canvas layer, moderate softness and hardness, making ink transfer more complete. When laminating double-sided tape, the adhesion is greatly improved (even with cheap double-sided tape), without slipping, which can save expensive double-sided tape expenses.

12. UV self-adhesive rubber cloth

The adhesive viscosity is the best to prevent tearing and damage. The rubber surface contains anti UV resin, which extends its lifespan when used for UV printing.

Report machine self-adhesive rubber cloth: The gray rubber cloth that has been used for a long time in report printing machines. The hardness is relatively soft, and foam rubber is used for better adhesion. To prevent the glue from softening during storage, please pay attention to humidity and temperature.

13. Dunlop report machine self-adhesive rubber cloth

High viscosity adhesive, the glue is not easily deformed or detached. Removing the rubber blanket will not leave any residue that is difficult to remove. Excellent solvent resistance. Can be used for UV ink.

14. Various aluminum strip rubber fabrics

Advantages analysis and application scope of air cushion rubber cloth